• Discover your body intelligence
    Body intelligence is closely linked to identity, knowing and understanding our corporeality, distinguishing and understanding what it is that constitutes our being, physical appearance, intellectual and emotional essence.
    Alicia Grasso

    Workshop at Fundacion Telefonica, Madrid 2018


    At the crossroads of dance, movement and body intelligence, Marina Santo serves communities through her on and offline workshops focused on defining our own body language and transforming it into self-knowledge. Using different artforms to inspire participants, her work empowers and educates, touching women, teachers, young people, corporate professionals and teams. All sessions take place in a safe space and do not require previous experience.


    Connect with your body creatively, through movement and dance, avoiding gender stereotypes and develop your inner power from the embodiment and manifestation of your unique body language



    More than ever, young people require new tools to navigate a turbulent world. Contemporary dance and theatre workshops using democratic methods and embracing diversity are geared towards enhancing your performance and life skills


    The body has a crucial role in the educational process. Unlock the potential of this new ally, your body, and build new strategies in your teaching processes no matter what subject you teach



    Create a space for connecting with your body in a new and liberating way that will boost well being and creativity within yourself, and increase confidence and productivity in your professional life


    Online classes at 'home' - starting in October 2020

    A brand new online course will begin, in Spanish only.  Click HERE to sign up and further information will be sent out via email shortly

    Marina Santo

    "Dance doesn’t need to be a performance. By building an awareness of our body and discovering our own body language we experience a magical moment, and gain knowledge of ourselves and the world around us"

    'Dancing during lockdown' Marina is interviewed by Global Shakers

    "Marina has allowed us to rediscover ourselves and see things that we had in front of our eyes but that we were not aware of"

    Be Forget Collective

    a sustainable learning community working with environment, well being, health and education

    "When Marina moves, the poetry pours out and ideas begin to feed on her rhythm. To our group of creatives, she allows us to come together and communicate without words, creating a sweet and powerful force"

    Eulalia Domingo, Efecto Galatea, Spain

    "Her sessions are fundamental for feminist empowerment, because what is more powerful than taking control of our own body, knowing it and knowing ourselves better, finding the possibility of change, self-awareness and love?"

    Gloria Fortún, Fundación Entredós, Madrid